Terpenes what are they are what are they used for?


Have you ever wondered what causes cannabis to have different aromas?   The smell comes from Terpenes, glands in the plant that creates the aromas and flavors. The subtle difference in Terpenes can help with relaxing your mind, giving your body a calming effect, or focusing on elevating creativity. Different hemp or medical marijuana may have Terpene profiles.


 But why different smells?


There are many different types Terpenes found in cannabis giving cannabis cultivators a variety of Terpenes that can help with supporting many different medical conditions. The different smells such as lemon gives the citrus aroma that can help elevate your emotions as where Lavender smell might help provide self soothing, stress relief. Terpenes show that strain of indica might have dominant terpene. The Myrcene Terpene is the most commonly promotes properties to increase a calming effect. Terpenes are found in many plants not just cannabis. If you ever walked through the woods and felt refresh, the terpenes in pine trees is known to give that fresh relaxing feeling.


With increase in testing we have more knowledge now of terpenes and the medical values they produce.  We are able to identify how much is added into some hemp oils and how if may affect the patients using it.


There is extensive research growing each day, we are thankful for the people committed to help those willing to learn about the extensive powers cannabis how can help people in many medicinal way.