CBD N’ Stuff is my little business,  I’m disabled and have been using cannabis products since 2016.  I was buying cbd products from my chiropractor and it works wonders.  Long story short, I was picking cream up for family and friends, after driving to my doctors to pick up cream for someone I thought this stuff it sells itself.  Jan 2019 I started playing around I was 55 and no techie, didn’t even know what a SKU was. I had some help from tech support other then that I am all self taught and still learning. I am passionate about CBD because it changed my life.  I spent 3/4 of the time in bed and lived on ice bags.  I was on 24 hr morphine and Vicodin for breakthrough pain as well as some heavy duty anti-inflammatories. I went off 16 years of narcotics and was able to stop the anti-inflammatories which was not doing much good for my stomach; my lupus hasn’t kept me in bed since.  I am having some other issues that may not let this journey go on for a long time as it has to do with the brain.  I got into this to help people, honestly I didn’t think it would go any where.  This helps me pay for my CBD and supply CBD to some people who would not be able afford it otherwise. as well as discounting what I can.  So my goal is to keep helping people until I can’t. So it’s just me and my little CBD N’Stuff Store.  Thanks for visiting.  If you want to know more about CBD you can always contact me at 717-685-1364