Why buy your CBD from CBD N’ Stuff?
Why buy your CBD from CBD N’ Stuff? 

I am not an affiliate nor am I a franchise, I started my business in 2019 to provide people looking for Healthy Alternatives the same great world known top quality CBD products I use. I decide to open my store provide a service after hearing stories from people who have been looking for CBD but the clerk at the store can not answer their questions. I want to be able to help people understand the differences in CBD products so they choose the best option for themselves. 

 I have recently seen several franchise CBD stores popping up with their own brand of CBD products. Being in this business a couple years I have been approached many times about having my own white label brand. What sets me apart is that I am offering some of the worlds Top brands, why mess with that? 

 Charlotte’s Web started by the Stanley Brothers have been around since 2011. The Stanley Brothers started growing medical marijuana in Colorado in 2009 in 2011 the brothers started growing a high CBD hemp plant to help a little girl name Charlotte. Charlotte was born with a rare form of Epilepsy, she needed something high in CBD and low in THC to help control Charlotte’s seizures . The Stanley Brothers were able to help Charlotte named their hemp oil after young Charlotte. 

 I also carry and use Elixinol products, with a history in the hemp industry since 1991, Elixinol became the first company to receive the seal of approval for their high quality cannabidiol (CBD) products from the Realm of Caring, a non-profit group that provides support for those who need hemp and cannabis medicines. 

 Recently I paired up with Canopy Growth the largest cannabis company in the world to bring Martha Stewart CBD products along with First & Free CBD products to my line up. Known for her commitment to quality I knew I had to carry Martha Stewart’s products. Martha’s CBD gummies will not disappoint, her dog treats smell yummy enough for me to eat. 

 I can tell you why I picked each one of my products which also includes High 5 Botanicals and Bailey’s CBD for Pets. I do not work for any company, I am a small business of just myself so you can be sure no one tells me what I need to say about the products I carry because I use them. See my website cbdnstuff.com or come by Lebanon Valley Mall, I will have some of my products there while I am working on putting my little boutique together, no need to wait for the grand opening..