Why CBD for Pets Is One of the Latest Health Trends

Why CBD for Pets Is One of the Latest Health Trends


CBD, which is also known by its scientific name cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. It is non-psychoactive and non-toxic, no matter the dose. Also, it has recently become one of the latest health trenfor pets. It is increasingly being used as a medicine, due to its many benefits. It’s been well-established that CBD is beneficial for use as a medicine in humans, but not too many people know yet that it is just as helpful for our furry friends. Here are some of the major benefits of CBD for pets.

Reduces Phobias


Noise phobia is something many pets suffer from. Their hearing can be incredibly sensitive, which means exposure to loud noises is painful and terrifying to them. If you see your cat or dog licking their lips, yawning, hiding, panting, or trying to run away from a room or area, they are showing signs of noise phobia. CBD oil or treats can help ease those fears for them.


Become More Comfortable in Unfamiliar Places


Your pets will feel safest doing their daily routine, day after day. Whenever it becomes changed, they will get anxious and uncomfortable. They will become uneasy when things feel unstable, and they will probably experience symptoms of anxiety, including not wanting to eat and crying. Some of the most common locations your pet can become anxious at, given their unfamiliarity, are flights, parks, and vet visits. CBD can definitely calm them down in these situations.


Become More Comfortable Around Unfamiliar People


As we already mentioned, cats and dogs don't like anything that they are not familiar with. This goes for anyone who looks unfamiliar to them as well. They may hide or be on the defensive if a stranger comes over. You can give them some CBD to reduce their anxiety when meeting new people.


Wrapping Up


There are so many benefits to giving your pet CBD. We’re proud to share that we’ve recently teamed up with Bailey’s to provide high-quality CBD-rich products made exclusively for pets. These CBD oils extracts, soft chews, and balms have been made under the careful advisory and scrutiny of veterinarian Dr. Robert J. Silver. Check out our selection of CBD products for pets and give your cat or dog the medicine it can benefit from.


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