Therabis - Calm & Quiet Treats (60ct)

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Therabis Calming Supplement for Dogs

Just like humans, pets can also feel tired, nervous, and fatigued after a challenging day. If your pet is afraid 

to be left alone, becomes destructive when unattended, or can’t stand changes in his environment, then 

Therabis Calming Supplement for dogs may be the ideal solution to your problem. This formula was

developed by experienced veterinarian Dr. Stephen M. Katz, who cares deeply about the emotional health

 of dogs. Like humans, dogs can be helped with natural substances, such as CBD (cannabidiol), L-theanine, 

and chromium, to have improved wellness levels and enjoy a calmer life. With just a single serving every 

day, you can offer your pet the calm and relaxation he needs.

What is Therabis Calming Supplement for Dogs?

The main ingredient that makes Therabis calming supplement for dogs so potent is CBD. CBD is a natural 

cannabinoid that is derived from the industrial hemp plant.

Therabis uses a nutritional supplement blend created to be 100% palatable. We care deeply for your pet’s 

overall wellness, so we offer only the best calming supplement for dogs.

·        Dogs 20lbs or less should take the SMALL treats.

·        Dogs 21-59lbs should take the MEDIUM treats.

·        Dogs 60lbs+ should take the LARGE treats.










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