My two favorite CBD oils!

My two favorite oils!


For a full-spectrum hemp/CBD oil Elixinol is what I prefer. Full-spectrum hemp is made from the whole plant.  


Full-spectrum includes all the wonderful cannabinoids so you can get the maximum benefits of this awesome plant.  


Martha Stewart CBD drops is my choice of a CBD isolate. Martha Stewart CBD Drops are light, absorbs quickly with a very pleasant taste. Martha uses a CBD isolate, the purest form of CBD. 


When the plant is processed to it’s purest form the CBD is extracted and the end result is a white fine powder. CBD isolate is then added to a carrier oil (MCT). 


Which ever oil you chose you can be sure that I only pick Top Brands for my site and store.


The best way to use CBD Hemp Oils is only a daily basis. Like any dietary supplement daily use is the key. When using Hemp daily you will find benefits as time goes on that you do see at the very start. One of these benefits is how it is healthy for skin, nails and hair. 


Also, hemp oil is an great anti-oxidant