Made By Hemp – Face Cleanser 2oz All-Natural
Made By Hemp – Face Cleanser 2oz All-Natural

Made By Hemp – Face Cleanser 2oz All-Natural

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Add Fresh Start Face Wash to your skin care regimen. Remove traces of makeup and dirt with this smooth, aromatic foaming Face Cleanser.
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Made By Hemp’s Fresh Start Face Cleanser is hand crafted with  herbal extracts to achieve fresh, clean skin   Creating a perfect base to start your skincare routine. Fresh Start Face Cleanser removes traces of dirt and makeup without stripping good, natural oils;  Since we mostly offer CBD products on our site, we want to be sure to note the Fresh Start Face Cleanser does not contain CBD due to the fact it is being washed off immediately and thus the CBD won’t be able to absorb in time. The face cleanser does, however, fit into our CBD skincare kit to ensure you are able to enjoy the benefits of CBD in your skincare routine.

·        No chemicals or unnatural preservatives

·        10+ plant extracts

·        Foaming


What Makes Natural Face Cleanser Amazing?

You’ll fall in love with every ingredient in our natural Face Cleanser.

Aloe: A soothing ingredient that contains antioxidants, enzymes, vitamin A, and vitamin C to nourish your skin.

Yarrow: A deeply soothing and restorative extract that helps promote skin circulation and opens pores. Yarrow is an ancient herbal remedy with benefits that have not been lost over time.

Rosemary Extract: Known for its skin-soothing benefits, rosemary extract is aromatic and promotes calm skin.

Frankincense: Aside from the great smell, frankincense is known to support your skin’s appearance.

There are more great ingredients in the Made By Hemp Face Cleanser that add to its efficacy.

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