Is Hemp oil with CBD the same as hemp seed oil?

There is a difference between hemp seed oil and hemp oil with CBD. They are both derived from the hemp plant however it is the parts of the hemp plant that makes the difference between the two oils. Hemp seed oil is as it says, is made from the hemp seeds.  CBD is found in the flowers, leaves and stalks.  There is a difference in the ways they process the hemp plant to extract hemp oil and CBD oil.  Hemp oil is made by pressing the hemp like they do to make olive oil.  CBD is processed differently; they can extract the CBD by a process using CO2 along with some other methods to extract CBD from the plant. CBD can be refined to a powder call isolate. This then can be used in several ways, most notably used to infuse edibles. It is important to understand hemp oil before you purchase any.  Hemp seed oil has many great nutrients in it, it is known to be heart healthy, great nutrients for the brain, skin hair and nails. Hemp seed oil is also a mercury free fatty acid supplement. When shopping be sure that the oil states it’s a full spectrum oil, full spectrum hemp oil with CBD, you get all the great benefits. If you want straight CBD then to consider the isolate, no matter which one you use you are getting a lot of great benefits. To get the maximum benefits it is best you use your oil daily, you will find with time it may take less.