Is CBD (cannabidiol) isolate the same as hemp oil?

 Although CBD isolate is extracted from the hemp plant, it is not the same as hemp oil.  There is hemp oil with and without CBD; the method on how they process the plant makes the difference.  Once the hemp oil is extracted it then goes through several more steps to remove all other plant material, the end result is a fine white powder that is 99% pure with 0% THC, this is the best way to use CBD for those who want the benefits without the THC.  The powder is the most potent form of CBD that you can find on the market. The fine white powder can be used in a variety of ways including edibles and drinks. The powder is also used to make tinctures as well as several forms of the concentrates that can be used for vaporization. Isolate is great for those who need a larger dose of CBD for pain, anxiety and inflammation just to name a few.