How to Heal the COVID Holiday Blues 

As our world continues to go through this ongoing pandemic, the holidays may not bring as much cheer as they did in years past. It is entirely normal to feel a bit down during this holiday season, but with the helpful hints described below, you can make the best of this time and bring a bit of cheer back into your holiday season.

5 Tips to Heal the Holiday Blues

1. Connect Virtually

Just because you may not be able to connect with friends and family face to face for celebrations, that does not mean that you can’t connect at all! Try setting up a group Zoom hangout or Skype holiday party instead. It is a great and safe way to connect to bring back some holiday cheer. 

2. Watch Your Favorite Holiday Movie

Holiday movies are always a nostalgic and joyful experience. So, try renting your favorite holiday movie, pop some popcorn, and settle in for a relaxing experience. Maybe even try a virtual watch party to make it a group experience.

3. Make New Traditions

Although this holiday season is different, this can also be an opportunity to make new traditions to make them feel a bit more special. You can try cooking a special dish or forming a fun group activity. Try to get creative and involve others in this new tradition for years to come. 

4. Heal Yourself with Herbs

To support you during this difficult time, you can also try using the power of medicinal adaptogen herbs, such as ashwagandha or CBD, to help ease your stress. With a small amount of these herbal remedies, you can ease your depression and anxiety, so the tough times don’t feel quite as tough. Make sure to check out our high-quality selection of CBD products to help get you started!